Saturday, September 20, 2014

2013 Census data includes household broadband; half of Cleveland households don't have it

The U.S. Census has finally gotten around to including households' computer and Internet situations in its annual American Community Survey.  The first release of 2013 ACS data came out on Thursday, and it included responses to this question series (h/t Pew Internet):

So here's the Cleveland headline: About 51% of Cleveland's households still didn't have "fixed" broadband accounts (i.e. cable modem, DSL, satellite, etc.) in 2013.  And even counting mobile devices, 45% of the city's households didn't have broadband Internet accounts.

Using the new ACS data, I worked up a quick chart of the distribution of Cleveland's "broadband haves and have-nots" by household income:

Pretty revealing, yes?

(61% of Cleveland households had incomes below $35,000  in 2013.)

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