Redistributing the future is a blog for notes, links and thoughts about the gaps in digital literacy, access and connectivity that increasingly isolate many of our neighbors from the new infotech-driven mainstreams -- mainstream employment, education, healthcare, commerce, public services and politics. It's a personal project, and the responsibility for everything posted here is mine.

I've worked on community technology initiatives aimed at narrowing these gaps since 1996... most recently as the director of OneCommunity's Connect Your Community Project, a Federal stimulus-funded program that helped over 25,000 low-income residents of Northeast Ohio, Appalachian Ohio, Detroit and other communities to get basic training, computers and affordable home connections. The Federal grant for that effort ran out in September 2013, and I'm now working with some of the same partners to create "Connect Your Community 2.0" -- a successor based on public and private support from our own community rather than the unlikely prospect of more Federal funding.

Bill Callahan
December, 2013

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